Copula Modeling for Clinical Trials – Doctoral Qualifying Oral Examination paper in bookdown (slides, notation)

Copula code – Notes, examples, and exercises from copula textbooks, papers, etc. in bookdown

Posters, Talks, and Presentations

Bayesian Cumulative Probability Models for Continuous and Mixed Outcomes – Vanderbilt Biostatistics Seminar talk

Intro to Bayesian Regression Modeling in R using rstanarm

Bayesian Joint Benefit-Risk Copula Model Calibration

Operating Characteristics of Bayesian Joint Benefit-Risk Copula Models

Bayesian Cumulative Probability Models for Continuous Response Variables (slides)

Software and Apps

Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Visualization – Shiny app for 2017 JSM Data Challenge (🥇!)

Random Dots – A Shiny test app

Order of Deceased Donor and Living Donor Kidney Transplantation in Pediatric Recipients – An interactive website which uses a Markov Decision Process Model to Aid in Clinical Decision-Making

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